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Carnaval 2020 and Google Maps: app shows data from blocks near you

Source: abrilsuperinteressanteSource: abrilsuperinteressante

Earlier this week, Google announced a new feature for its Google Maps and Google Assistant applications. This is a special event made for Carnival 2020 in Brazil, where users will have information such as the location of the nearest street blocks and real-time alerts on streets that are closed during the festivities. There will also be the assistance of the virtual voice assistant to report abuse, even providing the telephone number of the Call Center for Women and Military Police, if necessary.

In this Carnival 2020 Google Maps inform about more than 3000 thousand blocks

In other years, Google also brought extra features for the festive period. This year's improvement will be better coverage of Carnival, providing information on the Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo blocks, which together add up to more than 3 thousand. If the person wants to check out more information about the parades, they just need to say "Ok Google, talk to street blocks".

The cities contemplated with the functionality of real-time information about the roads that will be closed at Carnival 2020 will be: Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo and Belo Horizonte. It will also be possible to check changes in bus schedules and routes in these municipalities. This way, time is saved both for those on the move and for those going to organize the parties.

Google Maps showing the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Source: GoogleMapsGoogle Maps showing the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Source: GoogleMaps

Google Assistant is not just for reporting sexual harassment, but also for answering questions and orders like:

  • Do you like Carnival?
  • Did you drink water?
  • What are your plans for Carnival?
  • Do you attend the samba school parades?
  • Create a samba school storyline.
  • Create a Carnival block name.
  • Give me a fancy tip for Carnival?
  • What if the crush doesn't want me?

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