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Apple store in California is stolen 4 times in 20 days

The cases of Apple stores being stolen in the United States they have reached alarming levels, it is enough to see that we have given six (!) news of the type in the last two months (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). No story, however, as unnerving as that brought by KCRA and starring at Apple Roseville, California.

The store, located in a shopping center in the city, was stolen no less than four times in the last 20 days, with the two most recent blows occurring amaze less than 24 hours apart. One of the robberies happened last Sunday (9/9), around 19h at local time, and the next one happened yesterday, Monday (10/9), around 11h.

Thefts mainly focus on iPhones and Macs and follow the same modus operandi of the cases reported above, with small groups of crooks who simply grab as many devices as they can (in Apple stores, they have no security locks or any physical impediments) in the shortest possible time and run, usually to a car with a escape driver waits.

In total, the four recent Apple Roseville robberies generated a loss of about $ 80k. The police are investigating the events and still do not know if they are connected; What is known, however, is that California in particular has been plagued by a wave of crimes of the type not at Apple stores like other electronics sales venues have been common targets for this type of theft.

Apple, for its part, did not comment on the cases, saying only that it does not comment on security issues; it is not known, therefore, whether any measures will be taken to try to curb theft. The fact is that, even with the special software that would technically leave usable devices out of the store (which is an unconfirmed theory, incidentally), the stolen equipment is proving useful for the bandits otherwise, the thefts would not continue. Let's see where all this is going

via Cult of Mac