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Word, Excel and PowerPoint are brought together in a new Microsoft app

The promise had already been left by Microsoft in 2019 and now it seems that it is fulfilled, with the launch of a new app, which for now is still available only to Android users. The application is free and combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint, going further than OneNote already did.

The Office application combines the three systems, betting on new features as well as resources already available. The app integrates simple features, such as creating and editing an Office document together with others and in real time, but it also offers exclusive features of mobile devices that facilitate the creation of easier documents.

Among the practical advantages, the application allows you, for example, to take a photo of a document and transform it into an editable Word file or, in the case of Excel, to take a photo of a table. In the case of PowerPoint, you can always let Office help create a presentation, being able to select the images you want to use from your mobile phone. You can also scan images to PDF and even scan QR codes.

When you sign in with a Microsoft school, personal or professional account linked to an Office 365 subscription, you will gain access to premium features in the application. As for the official launch of the app for iOS, dates are not yet known.

The application is available on Google Play Store free of charge.

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