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Today's App Store Deals: Prison Architect, iRecorder Pro Audio Recorder, Klipped and more!

Take advantage of our selection of offers in the App Stores this Friday!

Build and manage a maximum security prison is not fun Prison Control, ported to macOS by MP Digital staff.

Prison Architect app icon

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Build cells, set security levels and policies for your prison. Make the most of your strength task, expanding and improving your chain. Control your inmates, patrol the corridors and more.

In mode "Story", the game presents the story of Edward, facing the electric chair for committing a crime of passion. With each new chapter, new aspects of the prison must be defined by you. In mode "Exhaust", be in the shoes of a prisoner in his attempt to escape worthy of Alcatraz.

Check out the game trailer:

Did you like it? J advance: the addictive game and worth every penny! Enjoy the discount! ?

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