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Swype keyboard is discontinued by Nuance and is already out of the App Store

the end of an era: the Nuance Communications announced the end of keyboard development Swype that it had acquired in 2011 for more than $ 100 million for iOS and Android; with him, the additional also goes to the tomb Dragon Dictation, speech recognition software that complemented the keyboard's functionality. The Swype app has already been removed from the App Store and Google Play.

In fact, the death of the software had already been announced and went unnoticed, which is a testament to the waning relevance of Swype by Nuance at the beginning of the month, but only today did the news spread after a user contacted the developer and received a response confirming its closure.

Nuance no longer offers the Swype keyboard on the iOS App Store. We are sorry to leave the keyboard market to consumers, but this change is necessary so that we can focus on developing Artificial Intelligence solutions directly for companies.

We hope you have enjoyed using Swype; we certainly enjoy working with your community.

Just as a brief history (and obiturio), Swype was one of the pioneers in the alternative keyboard market, long before iOS even offered this type of functionality: it was on Android that the pet gained fame and status with its distinctive feature that allowed for users to type simply by sliding their finger on the screen, the functionality, moreover, has been widely copied and is now even present on the primary Android keyboard and other third-party software, such as SwiftKey.


Old Swype screenshots for iOS.

Apparently, only one product from the Swype family, the Dragon Anywhere app is still available on the App Store, and yet, only in the American version of the store; it is not known whether it will also be discontinued soon or survive to carry on the legacy of the software.

Rest in peace, Swype.

via 9to5Mac