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See some prototypes of Macs that never made it to market

During the period of development of the computer for which you are reading this text, certainly many prototypes were built. Used to test technologies, concepts or even the durability of certain computers, prototypes are an essential part of the development of electronics.

As many translate ideas still in development, most of us never get to see them. So the Macworld prepared a special article telling the story of four Mac prototypes.

Translucent Macintosh SE – 1987

Translucent Macintosh SE

To test the internal design of their computers, Apple engineers made some translucent prototypes of their computers. In this way, it was enough to use a special smoke to see if all the components were being cooled properly.

In addition to the Macintosh SE, several other Macs also had prototypes with the translucent housing, including the Apple IIc and the Macintosh Portable.

Macintosh with own diskette – 1983

Macintosh with Twiggy

Before Apple abandoned floppy disks, the company wanted to use proprietary floppy disks on its new Macintosh. Called FileWare (or Twiggy), they were 5.25 ? and only the Apple Lisa supported it.

Above is the prototype of an old Macintosh with an entry for the Apple diskette. As the FileWares had many defects, Apple was forced to close a partnership with Sony to use the 3.5 ? diskette they had developed. When launched in 1984, the Macintosh supported Sony's floppy disks.

Apple Paladin – 1995

Apple Paladin

Apple has always been a fan of all-in-one computers, but the engineers responsible for the Apple Paladin took this idea to a much higher level. Joining a computer, telephone, scanner, fax, modem and printer in one device, the idea was to create a device to meet most of the needs of an office.

But it was discontinued in a short time, since test versions proved problematic and a change in the corporate structure of the Cupertino giant ended up leaving it without a division within the company.

Apple MultiServer – 1985

Apple MultiServer

Long before launching the now discontinued Xserve, Ma tried to introduce the Apple MultiServer to the corporate market. as part of the Macintosh Office system that also included AppleTalk and the LaserWriter printer.

Although the system was sold on the market, the MultiServer could never be purchased.