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Samsung voice assistant Bixby gets Portuguese version

Bixby arrived in Portuguese for the Galaxy S10 cell phone line

Bixby arrived in Portuguese for the Galaxy S10 cell phone line

It is time for Samsung to announce in Brazil its voice assistant, Bixby. After a period of testing in January, the company launched, this Wednesday, the 19th, the functionality that will be present in the cell phones of the S10 and Note 10 family.

In line with other voice assistants – Google Assistant, Siri, from Apple, and Alexa, from Amazon, already have versions in Portuguese – Bixby performs functions such as ordering Uber and launching applications. Despite having its Portuguese version, the steel command remains Hi, Bixby.

According to Bruno Costa, senior manager of the content and services area at Samsung, Bixby intends that she adapts and understands the user's routine. The voice assistant, in addition to interacting, can also learn the user's daily habits and suggest actions. For example, if you make a call every day at the same time, Bixby can start suggesting it at the same time without having received the command.

Adaptation was also another point of attention. Bruno stated that, in the tests, people from different parts of the country participated in the process of adapting Bixby's language, not only in the translation into the language, but also in the regionalities.

Alexa has implemented similar techniques, using Brazilian English to better understand words in Brazil. With Samsung, the process will continue to adapt according to users' needs.

It took a long time to have the Portuguese version, but we are happy that it exists. With Bixby, you can have more connectivity with smartphones. Other assistants are limited in this regard, but Bixby achieves this connectivity with other devices in the house. We are happy that Brazilians can now use it, said Yoonie Joung, president of Samsung in Brazil.

The Galaxy S20, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip models are next in line to receive Bixby. The intention is also to expand to more handsets of the brand, in a gradual process throughout this year.

* intern, supervised by editor Bruno Capelas