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Microsoft launches Office for iOS that unites Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a single application

Microsoft just updated its application Office for iOS, which combines the three most popular company apps in one: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The user does not need to install the three different apps, just one to open the most varied files in the suite.

Office combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint that you know and trust, with new features that take advantage of the unique strengths of mobile phones to create a simpler and more powerful experience almost anywhere. Whether for personal or professional reasons, Office is designed to be the ideal work application for mobile devices.

With the application, it is possible to take a photo of a printed document and convert it to editable text in Word. Or photograph a table on paper and magically make it an Excel document.

The app has been available for testing for a few months now, but has now been released to all users.

You must have a Microsoft account to access the app, and Office 365 customers have access to some exclusive features.

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