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HomePod software will get great news next week

Last July, we commented on the future (now very close) update of the HomePod, which implements some long-awaited news for Apple?s smart speaker. Today, after the announcement of the new iPhones (Xs / Xs Max and Xr) and the Apple Watch Series 4, Tim Cook confirmed some features of the next version of audioOS, which will be released next Monday (17/9).

In addition to citing some news earlier, Apple highlighted the new features of HomePod on its website. Among them, Siri now supports new languages ??on the speaker, including Spanish (in the United States, Spain and Mexico) and French (from Canada). In addition, now Siri can also:

  • Search by letters: in addition to playing a particular song, artist or genre, it is now possible to ask Siri to play a song that you remember only from the melody or some specific lyrics. For now, the feature to search for the letter is only available in English.
  • Define multiple timers: It is possible to create several alerts at the same time for different tasks and to name them according to the activity or task you intend to accomplish. Before, it was only possible to create one alert at a time.
  • Make and receive calls: as we have already highlighted, HomePod did not make calls and did not receive calls via iPhone either. Now, just ask Siri to call someone in your contacts or say a number to call; incoming calls are automatically routed from the iPhone to the HomePod, which also stores missed call information by simply asking, "And Siri, who just called me?"
  • Access Shortcuts (Shortcuts): with iOS 12, Siri started to ?learn? some routines and suggests shortcuts on the iPhone and iPad to execute determined at the fastest. Now, Siri Shortcuts can also be accessed through HomePod; for this it is necessary to configure a shortcut in voice, through HomePod, which indicates some activity. For example, you can say "Hey, Siri, good morning" and the assistant can turn on the kitchen lights, share the day's appointments and even place orders in other apps!

Black HomePod with iPhone X controlling AirPlay

In addition to these news, some very futuristic, HomePod now has support for Find My iPhone, a very important feature if you are one of those who carries your gadgets everywhere. With AirPlay 2, it?s even easier to create a wireless sound system from multiple HomePods connected in the same location, whether to play music from anywhere or move sound from one environment to another.

In addition, it is worth remembering that, by default, HomePod automatically installs new software updates.

Price and availability

Until then, HomePod was sold in five countries: Germany (350), Australia (A $ 500), Canada (CA $ 450), United States ($ 350), France (350) and the United Kingdom (320). As of October 26, Ma's smart speaker reaches two new ones: Spain (350) and Mexico (MX $ 8,000). Nothing about Brazil painting on the list of next markets, unfortunately even because the Portuguese language needs to be supported for that.

The HomePod is available in white and space gray, and is sold in the Apple Stores of the countries mentioned, in the online stores of Ma and in authorized resellers.