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European Commission presented strategy for Artificial Intelligence and data sharing

In the shared document on data strategy, legislative measures should be adopted to allow data to be accessed and reused, such as the sharing of business-to-government data that is of public interest. The European Union will invest 2 billion euros in data processing infrastructures (European High Impact Project), data sharing tools, architectures and administration mechanisms to encourage data sharing, as well as creating reliable cloud systems and related services .

It is not sustainable to let the data go and let go of ideas that can be valuable. Data sharing encouraged the opening of data centers, not only to accumulate their data, but also to make it available free of charge to researchers to push the innovation forward, Ursula von der Le said at the press conference. In five years, three times the amount of data is expected, as well as more than a million jobs generated by technology.

Margrethe Vestager says that the strategy must promote a fair and competitive economy, in a single market where companies of different sizes can compete on the same terms, "so that the path from the garage to a skyscraper can be as short as possible". An economy where the power of the market, helped by some incumbents, cannot be used to block competition.

Thus, the single data market appears, which includes personal, non-personal, confidential data, stored securely in the infrastructures to be built, but easily accessible to companies or public sector services. The data can be accessed in real time, through rigorous interfaces, which comply with the requirements foreseen in the legislation. This new vision turns out to be a sort of "spin off" of the GDPR created in 2018, taking into account the collection and reuse of personal data, which respect the rights and interests of citizens, under the agreed rules, for the purposes of research, creation of personalized goods and services for people, among other concepts.

In an interview with Delano, Ursula von der Le had already shared his optimistic outlook on technology, due to his own personal experience as a medical student, and the way he saved lives, which in the past would have been a miracle. Now we take the antibiotic for granted when we are infected, or we will do an x-ray when we are hurt or sick. These are the miracles that have changed the course of humanity forever.

After presenting the strategy, the document is now available for public consultation until May 19, allowing the Commission to collect feedback for its strategy. At the end of the year, action plans and the respective legislative framework will be presented.

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