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Epic battle between 2 rats on the subway wins award and goes viral on the web

British Sam Rowley spent a week waiting in the London Underground for the perfect moment of his photo, which won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

Goers to london metro they are used to seeing rats walking along the tracks, under the boarding platform it is estimated that there are half a million rats per liter. Sam Rowley, one of the ?fans? of animals and motivated by an award, made a photo of the rodents after one week walking through different stations until capturing the perfect moment when a pair fought over a piece of food dropped by a passenger.

His effort was not in vain: Sam won the public vote for the prize Wildlife Photographer of the Year, (Wildlife Photographer of the Year, in free translation), a competition at the London Museum of Natural History. The image, dubbed Station Squabble (Fight at the Station, also in free translation), received about 28 thousand votes.

The photographer lay on his stomach on the floor, waiting for his models for hours. The recorded moment lasted about a few seconds, according to him, and the rats soon went on different paths after one of them won the contest.

Below, we show part of the major competition that Sam faced. In brackets, in the legend, there is the literal translation of each image.

Photo of the Year Competitors

Michel Zoghzoghi 2019 wildlife awardMatching Outfits, by Michel Zoghzoghi

Michel Zoghzoghi He was in the Brazilian Pantanal when he saw, on the Trs Irmos River (in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil), a jaguar mother and the cub eating an anaconda in front of its boat. What most caught the attention of the Lebanese photographer it was the combination of the trio's skin named ?Matching Costumes?.

In the image, on the left, there is a baby rhino. right, a man. Their noses touch. The background of the photo is blurred.The Surrogate Mother (A Substitute Me), by Martin Buzora

Elias Mugambi guards at a sanctuary in northern Kenya and tends to take care of orphaned rhinos, who end up in such a way due to hunting or blindness of their mothers. Canadian Martin Buzora recorded a beautiful moment between Elias and one of the orphans, called Kitui.

In the image, an orangutan has a serious expression and is sitting on a small bench next to the ropes of a ring. Losing the Fight, by Aaron Gekoski

English Aaron Gekoski captured the moment of an orangutan dressed as a boxer by his "caretakers". The animals have been used in ridiculous performances on a Bangkok safari for decades. With a pause in activities in 2004 due to public pressure, the shows have continued since then, twice a day, filling the house with payers.

There are seven animals in the image, but it is difficult to distinguish the species because they are all very white and they are in a completely white snow environment.Spot the Reindeer, by Francis De Andrs

In a Norwegian archipelago, Spanish Francis De Andrs had to face extreme conditions to photograph. Fortunately, animal life has managed to adapt very well to the climate. The local fauna was spotted by him, who had to capture an image of his observers.

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