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Discover two easy ways to watch DVD on Windows 10

We show two solutions to replace Windows Media Player, which no longer plays DVDs: 5KPlayer and WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.

It is becoming increasingly common to opt for streaming services or other digital media instead of the classic physical mean. But for disc fans and plant collectors who do not want to dispose of their DVD collection, for example, it is worth remembering that not all software can read any disc.

So, we did the heavy lifting and separated very useful tools that can help you so much in the task of playing your movies on Windows 10 and when carrying out the digital conversion, in case you want to dispose of your DVDs but keep their content on your computer. Let's go?


5kplayer player5KPlayer player interface (Disclosure)

The 5KPlayer a player free that opens videos in different formats, either in 4K, 1080p or 360 in HD and, of course, DVDs. The program can do audio streaming via AirPlay or Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) without the loss of quality, what a plate full of plant audio.

Another prominent feature is the download videos straight from the internet, from platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo, which saves a few clicks if you usually download MP4 via conversion sites.

Print from the 5KPlayer libraryThe 5KPlayer organized library lets you open audio and video files without any complications. (Disclosure)

And when it comes to DVDs, 5K doesn't disappoint: you can open any region, select chapters, rotate the screen and add extra subtitles (via external files) right from the player. There is still the option to create playlists.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

The second option is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, which can even read damaged discs on Windows 10. You have the option of saving the DVD to your computer, to an external hard drive or directly to a device connected via USB, in addition to converting the DVD to MP4.

O WinX also a player (with the option of opening the disc inserted directly into the drive) and editor (making it possible to cut, join videos and extract only the audio, for example). With GPU acceleration technology, it digitizes a film from two hours in just five minutes.

Hardware acceleration of WinX with NVIDIA and IntelWinX hardware acceleration with NVIDIA and Intel technologies (Release)

The program is paid, but there is how to download the trial for free. If you like the software, the lifetime license costs US $ 29.95 (or about R $ 126, in direct conversion).

For those who like a digital collection and are about to dispense with physical media, it comes to help: there is how to convert the DVD into an image ISO and in a DVD folder without loss of quality. If you want to transfer the file to another device, there are several options to optimize the output, with formats perfect for iPad, iPhone or Android devices in addition to 350 other devices.

The software still accepts any type of DVD, be it from the early 2000s, TV recordings or even home recordings. Another utility for removing any encryption, which makes it easier if your disk has a regional lock if it is imported, it may not work on your machine.

winx interface for reading and writing DVDTo convert, just insert the DVD, select the output format and click on ?RUN?. (Disclosure)

It is available in several languages, but we recommend English or Spanish. However, in case you don't understand them (or none of the others available) we help you with a quick guide:

To copy the DVD, after inserting the disc in the drive, just open WinX, select MP4 in the output profiles area and select the button RUN to start the conversion. Simple, right?

Which of these met your profile or rather, your record collection?