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Check out more details about the accessory that improves the iPhone camera

Last week we talked about the +, the accessory of (member of The Black Eyed Peas group) that turns your iPhone into a 14 megapixel camera. As expected, more information about him was announced. + V.4

The accessory fits on the iPhone like a conventional cover / case and comes in four different models, called C.4, C.5, V.4 and V.5. With the most vintage, V.4 and V.5 have, in addition to interchangeable lenses and built-in flash, a sliding keyboard to make sharing the photos even better, according to the singer. The C.4 and C.5 models are characterized by the most modern and discreet appearance, but instead of adding a larger sensor to the set, they use the iPhone's own camera. + V.4 keyboard + C.4

The new accessories also integrate with the photo sharing service, in which each user has a special page with their photos.

As expected, the price of the accessories is quite salty. Models C.4 and V.4 compatible with iPhones 4 / 4S will start to be sold on December 6th and will be sold for 200 and 300 (approximately R $ 670 and R $ 1,000), respectively. The iPhone 5 versions will be available from next year.

(via The Telegraph)