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Check out all the mice made by Apple, from 1983 to today

The mouse is an important peripheral for our computers. Although he is sharing his space with touch screens and trackpads, he is still used by many.

The website 512 Pixels compiled the story of all mice ever produced by Apple, from the mouse that accompanied the Apple Lisa to the latest Magic Mouse.

Apple Lisa 1983 Mouse

Apple Lisa Mouse

Considered the computer that had a mouse and a graphical interface, the Apple Lisa represented the beginning of the era of personal computers made by Apple. ahead of his time, Lisa was already multitasking, a function well advanced by the priests of the time. Just a year later, Apple released the Macintosh that took its place on the shelves.

Apple Lisa 1984 Mouse

Macintosh mouse

The first really popular mouse was it, with only one button and one rollerball rubber, instead of the metal ball of Lisa's mouse. It connected to the computer via a DE9 port.

Apple IIc 1984 mouse

Apple IIc mouse

Introduced just a few months after the Macintosh, the Apple IIc was the first in the Apple II line to have a mouse. Like the Macintosh, this one also had only one button and connected to the computer via a DE9 port.

Apple Desktop Mouse 1986

Apple Desktop Mouse

Following the same line as his older brothers, this mouse was beige and had only one button. However, instead of using a DE9 port to communicate with the computer, he was the first Cupertino giant to use the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB).

Apple Desktop Mouse II 1992

Apple Desktop Mouse II

Credit: Shrine of Apple.

Totally different from the others made by Apple until then, the Apple Desktop Mouse II brought smooth curves to mice, introducing a format that is used today by many manufacturers. In two colors, beige and black, it was the mouse that accompanied Macintosh TV.

1998 iMac Mouse

IMac Mouse

Considered one of the worst made by Apple, the iMac mouse was the first made by it that used the USB port. Translucent and made of plastic, it was perfectly round, something that profoundly hampered the users' experience.

Apple Pro Mouse 2000

Apple Pro Mouse

Just two years after the hockey puck, the Apple Pro Mouse was launched. Returning to the Desktop Mouse II style, he was the first to have an optical sensor, much more accurate than the balls present in previous mice.

He was also the first to replace the button with a mechanism in which the entire body functions as such. Despite being much better than the mouse on the iMac, the Apple Pro Mouse still had a very short USB cable (thought to be connected to the side of keyboards at the time), something that bothered users a lot.

Mighty Mouse 2005

Mighty Mouse

The first two-button mouse made by Apple was he, the Mighty Mouse. But, instead of using physical buttons, he used touch sensors to determine which button the user wanted to press, recognizing the pressure from a system similar to that found on the Apple Pro Mouse.

In 2006, the Mighty Mouse gained its version with Bluetooth, being also the first wireless mouse of the giant of Cupertino.

Magic Mouse 2009

Magic Mouse

Apple's newest mouse is the Magic Mouse. Multitouch, it recognizes gestures with up to four fingers. Like the Mighty Mouse, it detects the position of the user's fingers to determine whether he wanted to press the left or right button.

Watching the evolution of these peripherals, we can also see how Apple's design features have changed. From square beige mice to touch-sensitive whites, the company continues to put the best in them.