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Build your own TV schedule with these 5 apps

Must, Trakt, Soon, MovieBuddy and Letterboxd are apps that will facilitate the assembly of your own TV program.

The future has arrived and the custom of decorating the TV program and marking the time to not miss any program is getting further and further away. After all, today we have the services of streaming to help us find what we want in a very comfortable way.

bored kidChildren bored with programming: this is an increasingly less common scene with streaming

Don't you want to zap around until you find what to watch and prefer to have a more personalized content? We now show you 5 apps that will help you make your own TV program.


With a well-crafted design, Must allows you to do both research and add features, with a content rating system and even the use of emojis to rate with a score from 1 to 10. The app is also capable of presenting content suggestions accordingly with your preferences and habits, with classification based on the amount of films and programs you add to your list, and the assessments made.

The app also has a button called Want, which is displayed with the app's recommendations and keeps the chosen content on your list of things to watch later, whose focus is not to list what has already been watched, but what to watch next.


Focused on users more content-oriented, similar to services such as, Trakt has integration with a large number of systems, among which the most well-known are VCL, Netflix and Kodi. Trakt is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and allows synchronization with the Alexa virtual assistant.

One of the functions that demonstrates that the app is not just for viewers: there is an API with plug-ins, lines of codes and integration services with automation so that developers can create and synchronize their own apps with Trakt. It also has an annual subscription service for 30 dollars with extra options, such as the possibility of connecting to Alexa, which is exclusive to the paid subscription. We have already talked about Trakt here, explaining how to use the service.


Soon has functions like recommending new content and inviting friends.Play: Soon

Very good for creating and organizing movie listings and TV programming, Soon also works for other interesting functions, like recommending new content and inviting friends to track information about books and even restaurants and hotels, an app with a lot versatility. Following what the user wants to watch, Soon displays a list of things on the main screen, and you can add movies and receive information such as synopsis, watch the trailer or know the release date, and you can also share a link to view your list on Internet.


Using metadata to help personalize your playlists, MovieBuddy works with both movies and TV shows. There is the possibility to make classifications with tags, user, date of purchase and display status, forming an efficient database.

Among the ways to find the desired content is the online search and the digitization of a barcode, along with the feature of typing the title to be searched. You can also export the data in CSV format and work with it in a spreadsheet.


Letterboxd allows content tracking.Reproduction: Letterboxd

Letterboxd allows you to search and monitor content, with the right to review and impressions from other users about what you want to watch. The user base is broad and with this there is a lot of information available, with the possibility of making blog posts about the films and programs, with notes on the titles.

The simple design helps to make markings about what you have watched, groupings to share with other users and also a list of notes in which you can add the films and programs you want. The main problem that has ads, but it is permanent is the way to keep Letterboxd working.

These are just a few options of apps and services that will help you put together your schedule. If you know others, comment and leave your suggestion!

Source: PCMag