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AppleCare + wins plan against theft and loss of iPhones

As we mentioned earlier, Apple was expected to expand the capabilities of the AppleCare + Ma's extended warranty program that insures the user against possible problems for a maximum of two years. Said and done: Ma has launched a new plan for iPhones that expands AppleCare + coverage against theft and loss, making it a kind of insurance.

According to the AppleCare + for iPhone website, the new insurance covers up to two incidents that result in damage to the device (in the same way as the original AppleCare +), two thefts and two losses. In addition, whoever subscribes to the full plan will receive the ?Express Replacement Service?, which provides the insurance owner with priority access, every day, to Apple specialists.

Each of the plans is subject to its own deductible. For cases of screen damage or any other accidental damage, the amount charged remains $ 30 and $ 100, respectively, for all devices starting on iPhone 6. In cases of theft or loss, service subscribers must pay $ 200 to replace iPhones 6, 6s, 7 and 8; the fee to exchange iPhones 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus and Xr goes up to $ 230; already the model replacements flagships, like the iPhones X, Xs and Xs Max, cost $ 270 each.

As expected, the complete AppleCare + plan is slightly more expensive than its simpler version 50% more expensive, to be exact. This way, new iPhones owners will have to pay US $ 15 monthly (for up to 24 months) or the total amount of this insurance, which $ 300. The amounts, as we said, are higher than the basic version of the plan, for which US $ 10 monthly or $ 200 in total.

For Brazilians who were excited about the news, here's the bucket of cold water: for now, the coverage against theft and loss of the iPhone is only valid in countries where the user purchased the service, the complete list of countries that sell AppleCare + for the iPhone is available on the Apple page. However, other repairs and replacements through AppleCare + are available in Brazil and the best, at no cost with a deductible, since AppleCare + is not yet sold here.

If you live in one of the countries where AppleCare + for iPhone is available, find out how to purchase it for your device. In addition, it is good to know that theft and loss coverage requires that the ?Search iPhone? feature be activated when the iPhone is lost or stolen. During the claim process, the user will be asked to wipe the lost device remotely and deactivate it before issuing the order for a new device.

via MacStories