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Vulkan 3D graphics API comes to macOS / iOS promising improved performance in games and apps

O Khronos Group (a consortium dedicated to creating open standards for the graphics industry) today announced a novelty that could make the day of users and developers of the Apple ecosystem around the world.

From now on, both the macOS like the iOS will be able to run API-based games and applications Vulkan as a result, the standard, which is already supported in environments such as Android, Windows and game consoles, is now basically universal in the computing world and developers will find it much easier to work on multiple platforms simultaneously.

The support will materialize through the MoltenVK, a compatibility layer that is being launched today and acts on top of framework graphics Metal, from Apple. In this way, the layer ?converts? the Vulkan commands to the native language of Ma, which provides gains in performance and practicality in relation to the ?foreign? graphics standard supported by Apple, OpenGL.

Major developers are already working in partnership with Khronos to bring Vulkan-based games and apps to Apple's environment. THE Valve, for example, is developing a new version of the game Dota 2 based on the standard and, according to the Ars Technica, seems to be very excited about the results: according to preliminary studies, the Vulkan version of Dota 2 provides a 50% higher frame rate.

Vulkan on macOS

good to note that MoltenVK does not bring all Vulkan's features, which is explained by the developers' focus on building a thin compatibility layer, which does not pull down the performance of applications, instead of implementing all its features at once.

For interested developers, several SDKs, libraries and tools can now be obtained from the Vulkan page.