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Ultra thin glass or plastic? Test reveals that the Galaxy Z Flip screen is not as tough as expected

After several leaks, the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung's long-awaited foldable smartphone, was the first novelty presented at the Unpacked event. In addition to pointing out that the new equipment can be used in different positions, as SAPO TEK had already said, the South Korean manufacturer stated that the Galaxy Z Flip has an ultra-thin folding glass screen, "capable of facing the laws of physical ".

The switch from a plastic display to a glass display puzzled experts. Is the screen of the new Galaxy Z Flip more resistant than that of the Fold? It was with this question in mind that Zack Nelson from YouTube channel JerryRigEverything decided to put Samsung's latest smartphone to the test. However, the results demonstrate a reality quite different from that promised by the South Korean manufacturer.

Even before attacking with tools, Zack Nelson started by making a small scratch with his nail, something that immediately left a mark on the screen. Throughout the test, YouTuber revealed that the Galaxy Z Flip's display is prone to gaining marks and risks much more quickly than it was supposed to.

This screen is by no means scratch-resistant, says Zack Nelson, demonstrating that the display of the Galaxy Z Flip is more similar to that of the Fold or the Motorola Razr. When drilling holes in the smartphone screen, YouTuber came across something that raised even more suspicions about the possibility of it not being composed of glass: there were no signs of cracks.

In the international press, Samsung explained that the Galaxy Z Flip, in addition to having an ultra-thin glass screen, something different from the material used in other smartphones of the brand, the display also has a top protective layer. However, Zack Nelson considers that the manufacturer may be using a combination of plastic and microscopic pieces of glass.

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