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Tip of the day: these wallpaper selections can make your iPhone even more beautiful

Everyone likes wallpapers (background image or wallpapers, how to prefer) beautiful, really? why this initiative of Jim Gresham, of iDownloadBlogIt's so cool: the journalist has made a periodic column publishing tips with creations by artists and design teams, made especially for you to decorate your iPhone's main screen.

For example: recently, Gresham shared a series of wallpapers created by none other than the Facebook design team as part of a design guide for iOS 11. For those who like minimalist and abstract art with calming tones, a plate full you can check them out and download them below.

Two other very interesting sets have been published previously: one more colorful and diffuse, by designer @Kerroudjm, and another dark with geometric themes, by digital artist @danielkorpai. That is, there are options for all tastes. ?

If you do too wallpapers for iPhones (or any devices, really) and want to publicize your work, the comments section below is the perfect space for that. It's also worth sharing your own home screens and / or tips from other cool artists / sources for these elements. After all, the search for the perfect wallpaper never ends, right?