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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Screen doesn't seem to be that tough

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Screen doesn't seem to be that tough

The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's second foldable smartphone, launched at the Samsung Unpacked event last week.

According to the company, this new smartphone has an ultra-thin glass called "Infinity Flex Display". Although this new foldable screen is the highlight of the smartphone, it appears that the screen is not as durable as conventional screens.

That is not all, once broken, its repair is far from simple and cheap. The Galaxy Z Flip passed through the PBKreviews channel on YouTube that showed details of the flexible screen, in the video you can see that the screen has a layer of super thin flexible glass protected by a layer of plastic material.

Prior to that, the renowned Ice Universe leaker tweeted that Samsung's UTG (ultra-thin glass) is only 30 microns thick. Then, one of the first users to buy a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip unit, called Amir, tweeted that the foldable smartphone's screen broke right in the center, where it folds, raising even more questions about the durability of the new smartphone.

Then, the user in a follow-up tweet said that a Galaxy Z Flip unit was given by Samsung to replace the purchased unit.

Through SamMobile we also had access to the price of repairing the Galaxy Z Flip screen. If there is a problem with the screen, in which there is no protection of the product warranty, the user will need to pay around US $ 499 and, for the external mini screen, the repair cost would be US $ 149.

We can not fail to mention the channel JerryRigEverything who also submitted the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for its agonizing tests of screen and construction, showing that Samsung's second foldable model is quite fragile.

The screen showed marks at level 2 of the risk test and did not reach level 4 without showing any deeper damage. The JerryRigEverything channel's durability test also showed that forcing the screen with a sharp object simply burns an entire column of pixels off the screen, causing the screen to go black in the region.

The technology behind flexible screens for foldable smartphones definitely needs to mature. I do not doubt that this will arrive quickly, but definitely not the time to invest in a device just to be the cool guy in the group that has a smartphone of almost R $ 10,000.