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Samsung charges $ 499 to replace the Galaxy Z Flip screen

Samsung charges $ 499 to replace the Galaxy Z Flip screen

On the 11th, Samsung presented the Galaxy Z Flip, its new foldable smartphone. As we are talking about a relatively new market, with technologies that are not yet popular, the available models deliver a considerably high price, something that is also reflected in the repair cost.

Taking into account that the screen is the most important aspect of a folding device, it is expected that the value needed to change it is not cheap. Seeking to solve this debt of consumers interested in the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung revealed when it costs to replace the display of its new foldable.

In South Korea, where the company is headquartered, the owners will have to pay US $ 640 (R $ 2,785). On the other hand, in the United States this value is lower, totaling US $ 499 (R $ 2,171), while to change the secondary display of 1.1 "it is necessary to spend USR 149 (R $ 648). It broke the rear window of the Then you will need to pay $ 99 (R $ 430) for the repair.

Galaxy Z Flip

However, as with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung offers a discount on the first screen replacement for the Galaxy Z Flip. In the United States, customers will pay only $ 119 (R $ 517), provided the model was purchased before December 31, 2020.

In terms of comparison, to change the main display of the Galaxy Fold at a discount you need to "detach" from $ 149 (R $ 648). That is, although the Galaxy Z Flip costs less than its predecessor, there are no major differences in the amount needed to repair the screen.


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