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NFC transaction market is two years behind thanks to missing chip on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 standing and on its sideBefore the iPhone 5 was launched and disproved them, many rumors pointed out that the sixth generation of the Apple smartphone would be compatible with NFC (acronym in English for Near Field Communication) technology. By making this decision, the Cupertino giant delayed the market for transactions that use the technology by two years, according to research by Juniper Research.

Dr. Windsor Holden, author of the report, said:

While several vendors have already introduced NFC-compatible smartphones, Apple's decision represents a significant blow to the technology (in North America and Western Europe), especially given its success in educating the masses about new mobile services.

In addition to not spreading the technology further, Apple ended up influencing retailers not to adopt it. Without their support, it will be much more difficult to persuade consumers and retailers to embrace what represents a completely new means of payment, ?added Holden.

Juniper's forecast of $ 180 billion handled using the technology in 2017 has been reduced to $ 110 billion, about 40% less.

In a related note, Shaw Wu, of Sterne Agee, stated that the production rate of iPhones 5 is increasing significantly. As a result, the analyst's sales forecasts have increased. For him, Apple sells 47.3 million units of the product during the current quarter, slightly more than the general consensus (somewhere between 45 and 46 million).

(via TechCrunch, AppleInsider)