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New version of Apple Maps arrives in Europe with traffic and transport information

At the end of January, Apple announced the arrival of news to Maps, the rival of Google Maps, after the revelation of its plans in July 2019, during the presentation of iOS 13. For North American users, the application of maps from The company's company gained faster and more accurate navigation, information about traffic and flights in real time and even the Look Around feature, an alternative version of Google's Street View. On the air, the promise remained that the update would soon reach European users.

The promise is due and the Cupertino giant has already started launching the update in Europe. The discovery was made by a Spanish user of Apple Maps, who noticed the arrival of new features, sharing them on his Twitter account.

Through the new update, European users will be able to check the best route to reach their destination, whether they are planning to travel in their car or by public transport. Depending on the city, it will also be possible to consult schedules for buses, trains or other means. Users can also create collections with the locations they use most often or the locations they consider special.

SAPO TEK has already tried to update Apple Maps, however, it noted that the application still has difficulties in recognizing certain routes or even the available means of transport. For example, when searching for the best way to get from Marqus de Pombal to Lisbon Airport, the application recommends a "brief" passage through Beja.

Updates to Apple's navigation app come after Google celebrated Google Maps' 15th anniversary with new features. application of the Mountain View giant came five main tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates. To keep up with its evolution, Google has also modified its icon, keeping the pin as a common element over the years.

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