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New Apple Watch could further affect sales of Swiss watches

With the rapid growth in the popularity of smartwatches, Apple Watch , the more traditional watch brands had to hold on tight to adapt to a new consumer trend. Last year, following the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 3, one of the creators of Swatch said that they "would be in danger" after the brand lost about $ 1 billion in market value.

Since then, Apple has been breaking records after records with sales of its gadget wearable and, last February, the company sold, for the first time, more smartwatches than all the Swiss watch companies combined.

In the last few months, the perspective of the Swiss watchmakers has not remained very positive. But what's bad can get worse, right? According to the Reuters, Yes.

According to the news agency, after the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 4, last Wednesday, the watch industry could face an even greater threat due to the new resources implemented in the new gadget from Ma, such as the ability to perform electrocardiograms and initiate an emergency call automatically if it detects that the user has fallen over.

According to experts in the watch industry, these features will appeal to consumers over the age of 45 to be the target audience for their watch brands. In addition to being the biggest customers of classic watches, adults from that age also correspond to the group of people who are most concerned with health.

This is just a forecast based on the trend in watch consumption and the health concern of consumers in the United States. Although this is not a standard worldwide, the fact that the constant improvements and new features of the Apple Watch represent an increasing challenge for its manufacturers, according to an analyst at Exane BNP Paribas, Luca Solca.

Apple Watch continues to improve and provide additional relevant features. I think this represents an increasingly difficult challenge for Swiss entry price watches, which are not in a position to remain relevant.

According to analyst and research firm CCS Insight, Apple has again beat global sales of swiss watches with the new version of Watch. Among the reasons for this estimate, the company pointed out that exports of incoming Swiss watches, which start at $ 500, have steadily declined in recent years, largely due to smartwatches.

For the head of the LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton watch division, Jean-Claude Biver, the Apple Watch does not pose a threat to classic accessories over a certain price like luxury watches. According to him, people who enter this market thanks to the Apple Watch are more likely to buy a Swiss watch later.

via 9to5Mac