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Learn how to enjoy American streaming services using VPN

We have listed 5 paid and 5 free streaming services for you to enjoy using VPN

You already have access to foreign streaming services that have already come to Brazil, such as Netflix, for example. It turns out that the catalog and the rights reserved to North American stadiums can often change, as Disney productions who arrive here through the Amazon Prime Video.

For this reason, we have separated in this list exclusive streams of gringos. How do we get access? Through a VPN selecting an internet from Miami, us USA. It is curious that the sites / platforms we mentioned can even function without VPN, however, the options can be blocked or very limited to our country.

What VPN?

VPN, or virtual private network, a private internet network that is traditionally used for safer browsing. Recently, with restrictions on YouTube channels for specific regions, for example, there has been a greater interest in such a VPN since it deceives the site by migrating its internet to another country.

surfshark vpn streamingSurfshark VPN allows users to access restricted content in their countries

For testing the streaming services in this list we use the Surfshark VPN, whose subscription costs US $ 1.99 per month in the 24-month package about R $ 8.50 and is available in apps, smart TVs, consoles and browser extensions. Using the Google Chrome extension, there were no problems with the connection or the exchange between locations (USA-Brazil-USA) of the VPN.

An advantage of this service VPN in particular, the possibility of sharing a single account with numerous devices simultaneously, which is useful if you want to split the subscription with a friend or family member without worrying about the limit of active devices.

Next, we recommend 5 free and 5 paid streaming services for you to enjoy as you wish with the VPN.

Free Services


streaming VPN (Reproduction)

The name you already know: IMDb the most popular movie database on the internet. Since last year, a huge library of films and series has been made available that can be watched for free by the service, called IMDb TV. The best he remembers where you left off, like any service that works on the registration basis. The login can be the same as Amazon or your own IMDb account.

What does he get in return? To be able to place commercials every half hour (intervals of about 15-20 minutes, in the case of La La Land), which take just over a minute and cannot be skipped. For showing products and / or production trailers, basically as if you were watching TV.


streaming VPN (Reproduction)

This is a service that relates stadium titles Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount (among 200 others) and in terms of aesthetics / navigation, the best of our selection. There is a huge list of science fiction and anime films, for example. The catalog available in Brazil is very limited, so VPN is needed to modify the results of your searches.

We recommend the program Classic Albums, originally British series that shows the backstage of albums that marked the story. The documentaries show images and exclusive audio files by artists of different genres and generations. In Brazil, unfortunately the physical media (DVD) is the easiest way to obtain this extensive collection.

Pluto TV

streaming VPN (Reproduction)

Pluto TV the perfect mix between on-demand and cable TV. If you have stopped subscribing to TV here or are willing to exchange, it is worth considering this free medium, which is still a chance to test your English.

There are some popular series and movies (American Beauty and Terminator, for example) to watch whenever you want and a mix of channels: there are exclusive cartoons, comedy, sports, reality shows, some MTV variations and even a special from NASA Live. One of the channels, by the way, displays episodes of the Adams Family 24 hours a day.


streaming VPN (Reproduction)

Interestingly, Filmrise is not necessarily a NICO streaming service, but a compilation of applications that is available on several platforms. The easiest way is the YouTube channel, which separates seasons from series through playlists. The most extensive Hells Kitchenchef's reality show Gordon Ramsay which, since 2005, has inspired other such programs.

With adblock (ad blocking included in Surfshark, for example), it is possible to block any advertisement and watch without problems. In addition, the sitcom Roseanne and the series 21 Jump Street who arrived here as law Angels there are others that are in full, among other North American TV classics that can be seen by apps.


streaming VPN (Reproduction)

You can even see Vudu's library and feel like watching several free movies. However, it is not possible to try to login if you have Brazilian internet, as an error message appears. By placing the same username and password, when the VPN is activated, access is released and you can play without problems.

Streaming is still a store, offering different titles, including 4K UHD movies, as the last in the franchise Terminator, and cinema releases, such as Zombie 2 for rentals starting at $ 4.99.

Paid Services

There are some paid streaming services Americans who also deserve to be highlighted. The rules still follow the same: you can even try to enter their website, but barred by having an internet from Brazil. With VPN enabled (in these cases, for Miami / USA), all are released.

Unfortunately, the story is not so simple. For most of the tests, you still need to put the credit card, and what they get you. The billing address must match the location established on the VPN, so your international credit card must have an American registration address so you can choose companies like PayPal or similar, but your zip code must be gringo.

It is worth noting that in the case of Netflix, for example, you just have the national account that by logging in and subsequently activating the VPN, the unlocked American content no additional cost. When testing with Surfshark VPN, we saw the inclusion of Disney movies as Avengers: Endgame (available only at Amazon Prime for streaming) and Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (not available in any national streaming, only in rentals) library, which is very nice for those who already pay for Netflix. With this VPN you can also check catalogs from 13 other territories.

The following are 5 paid American services.

Disney +


By far the great interest of the streamings of Brazilians who have VPN, Disney + is the most extensive library of blockbusters on this list. The service costs 6.99 dollars a month, with a free 7-day trial. Beyond the franchise Star Wars and the movies of the universe Marvel, the subscription also entitles you to National Geographic content. In a very eye-catching promotion, there is how to access the streams Hulu and ESPN + for just under twice the standard subscription.

The Mandalorian, the series of the Star Wars universe that gave rise to the Beb Yoda memes, one of the original Disney Plus productions that came with the platform and is exclusive to them until further notice.

DC Universe

streaming VPN (Reproduction)

Another catalog of exclusive series to DC Universe, service of the publisher of comics A.D. Along with what you can watch, they also include in the subscription about 22 thousand separate comic books between heroes, bows and classics. 4K animations are another very interesting point.

Fortunately, over time they release their production in national services, like the series Titans, which went to Netflix, and the adaptation of Swamp Monster, which is currently airing on HBO Go. For those in a hurry or those who want access to content that is always exclusive, it is worth considering the $ 7.99 monthly.



For 5.99 dollars a month, the first of which is free, you have access to Hulu, which has successful original productions. The Handmaids Tale, Castle rock and Ramy they are the most popular (and awarded) of prominence.

The package that most compensates for the Disney +, Hulu and ESPN +, as already mentioned above. This third service does not deserve a single item here in our compilation precisely because it is about North American sports, but within such a combo, it may be worth it to those interested.


streaming VPN (Reproduction)

To those who know the HBO Go, the service may sound familiar. the content of the HBO network that can be accessed via streaming, without secrets, right? It turns out that HBO Max, which will start in May, will have access to productions from several other stadiums and still has no date to arrive in Brazil.

In late 2019, when it was announced, the service secured libraries from HBO, TNT, DC, Warner Bros., Adult Swim, Crunchyroll and other productions (the complete list of stadiums is at the bottom of the image above). This way, you can watch Friends, Joker, Rick and Morty and Westworld by paying only a $ 15 subscription.


streaming VPN(Reproduction)

Shudder is a plate full of horror fans, with an extensive catalog of productions, including some original ones, separated by hand by playlists. The amount of titles and quality of service organization makes it worth the price today, less than 5 dollars.

Only lists like in the wild (lost in the forest), unhappy christmas (the holiday of terror?) and urban decay (dystopias in the big city) that highlight the good humor deserved by the genre. There is a curatorship made by masters of terror, with favorite titles selected for you to watch on Shudder.

And the? Which streaming service caught your attention the most? Would you subscribe to a VPN to access them? Leave it in the comments.