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iPhones and Watches escape new US taxes; but that could change

The trade war between U.S and China continues and yesterday (17/9) advanced to the second phase, as announced by White House in a statement. The decision will take effect from September 24, when even more Chinese products imported into the US will receive an additional 10% tariff by the end of this year, affecting more than $ 200 billion of imported products.

Although the new list of charged products does not include some of the main gadgets Apple, the company is concerned with the direction that this commercial clash might take. Accordingly, Ma sent a letter to Office of U.S. Trade Representative (USTR, that is, the US Trade Representative's Office) asking the government to reconsider these measures and work to find other more effective solutions that will make the US economy and the consumer stronger and healthier than ever.

As we said, the new ?wave? of tariffs from the Trump administration is not going to affect some Apple products. Notably, the iPhone, O Apple Watch along with several other smartwatches and fitness trackers and the AirPods were not seen on the list, as informed by Bloomberg. Overall, more than 300 product lines, including some individual devices, will not be billed this month.

On the other hand, some Apple devices like the HomePod, the headphones Beats and the almost dead AirPorts will be charged in the new phase, which was expected since last July, when the American government released a preliminary list. The value of imports of these products from China is about $ 12 billion, according to one of the sources at Bloomberg.

China has said it will retaliate ?dollar for dollar? the new wave of tariffs with taxes on products imported into the country; Trump has already threatened the Chinese government and said he will move to the next level, where tariffs will be extended to $ 267 billion worth of imported products and may include iPhones, Apple Watches and other Apple products.

After the letter sent by Apple to the Trump administration, the US President said in a tweet that there was an ?easy solution? for Apple to avoid tariffs.

Apple's prices may rise because of the massive tariffs that we may be imposing on China – but there is an easy solution in which there would be a ZERO tax and, in fact, a tax incentive. Make your products in the United States instead of China. Start building new factories now. Exciting!

Eventually, not only the US or China will feel the effects of this trade war. Let's hope that, just as Tim Cook said during a summit in Beijing earlier this year, calm heads prevail in that imbroglio.