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Griffin launches its first Lightning cables; check out the interior of an accessory factory

The famous manufacturer of accessories Griffin Technology announced its new line of Lightning cables, compatible with the new iGadgets.

Griffin three-meter Lightning cable

Unlike the cables offered by Apple, its cables are black and are available in some versions. One of the most interesting is the 3 meters, sufficient size for the user not to be confined within a small radius of distance from where he is connected.

Griffin also launched cables with 60 and 90 centimeters, in addition to a more portable and coiled version. All products will be available from the first week of December and cost from US $ 17 (plus possible shipping and import fees).

On a related note, the iPhone5mod staff, one of the first to circumvent the Lightning cable authentication chip, made an interesting video showing their interior factory in Shenzhen (China).

Check out:

As time goes by, more and more interesting accessories compatible with Lightning will be released, removing the need for adapters for the old 30-pin standard.

(via MacRumors)