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Carnaval 2020: discover the essential apps to enjoy the revelry!

Whether to think about a last minute block or organize your essential revelry schedule at this Carnival 2020, we help you with this special selection of apps.

Are you ready to enjoy the Carnival 2020? Because we select apps essentials that will help you find your favorite block, to discover new ways to enjoy the event, earn credits cell phone, get ready for the way round trip, take care of your security and maybe even meet a ?crush carnavalesco ?.

Street Blocks

print street blocks appWhen you open the app, you already see several recommendations

By far, this is the most complete application and also the most popular of its kind. At Blocos de Rua you can check the agenda of So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Florianpolis, Recife, Olinda, Brasilia, Porto Alegre and Fortaleza. That is, the main carnava capitalsl.

As soon as you open the app and select the city to go to enjoy, received with a series of special publications, compiling different types of the most requested blocks. There are everything from blocks for children to the best of the ?famous blocks? in São Paulo.

print street blocks appThe possibility of creating your own agenda helps you to plan the itinerary with friends

When clicking on an event, h information about date, time, value (if any), address and even a button for to share on WhatsApp with friends. A good differential in the option of add your calendar is an event, so you can get organized without having to change apps.

Blocos de Rua – Carnaval 2020 is available for Android and iOS.


print application carnablocosConfirming presence at CarnaBlocos, events are automatically added to your schedule.

In the same spirit as the application mentioned above, we have the CarnaBlocks, which goes beyond two specific reasons: having a evaluation in real time and up to one dating app (dating app) internal.

You can send messages and evaluate the block, which ends up being quite useful in case you and the crowd prefer to change the last minute plans: just check what others are saying before deciding which one is more worthwhile. There is still distance (based on your location) and you still get trace the route to facilitate the journey.

It also works as social network, with support for photo upload and group chat. Another interesting differential is the filters, which gives you the freedom to select a block genre (theme or music genre) to explore what's new.

prints of the carnacrush 2020 appWhen confirming presence in a block, just activate CarnaCrush in the profile settings and you are ready to get a carnival crush.

If you were curious about the ?flirting app? function, it?s worth explaining: inside CarnaBlocos, you can activate on your profile a button that makes you available to meet people in blocks that you confirm presence, in the functionality they creatively call CarnaCrush.

Still in your profile, you can add your best photos, select your gender, age and interest to stand out. In practice, it is very similar to what you have probably seen in other apps around, like Tinder: if you are crush like each other, match the ?Superlike?, That the star in the middle of CarnaCrush, a function limited that notifies who you like. Within the d at app for exchange messages and combining everything is easy.

Enjoy CarnaBlocos on Android and iOS.

Carnival 2020 Brazil abroad

apps to enjoy the carnival in Rio, BH and PernambucoApps to enjoy the carnival 2020 in Brazil: BH, RJ and PE, respectively.

Whether in the capital of Minas Gerais, in the capital of Rio de Janeiro or in several regions of Pernambuco, these specific applications for each region have features similar to those already mentioned in this list, and are just another option to help you and the crowd locate your favorite block without the slightest problem.

  • Each Block (Android and iOS), from Belo Horizonte
  • Carnaval 'blocks RJ (Android) and Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2020 (Android and iOS), from Rio de Janeiro
  • PE at Carnival 2020 (Android and iOS), from the capital and interior of Pernambuco

Don't even come!

carnival 2020 app doesn't even comeAlarm, call a contact or call the police: o Nem Vem! lets you choose the best way out at the worst time

In the middle of Carnival 2020, unfortunately there is a need for an application to prevent inappropriate public behavior. However, for women's safety, Nem Vem! luckily there is. The description itself sums up the proposal well: with ?easy and quick access tools, ideal for emergency and risk situations?He destined to protect women from harassment.

Quick shortcuts allow you to activate a alarm (alert sound) and, after registering up to three trust contacts, by pressing ?send location? a message quickly sent, sending its coordinates. When registering the nearest police station number, the third shortcut can be quite useful, since the connection is made quickly. The indication is valid for the Carnival period as well as for the rest of the year.

Download Nem Vem! for Android or iOS. Another with a similar purpose that also deserves to be mentioned is Mete a Colher, an exclusive chat (from women to women) for dialogues about short or long term aggression, public or domestic.


prints tik tok app to add friendsTo add friends on TikTok and earn credits, just click on the top left corner (in the "Me" tab) and link your phone number.

The meme factory that helped popularize hits by award-winning artists such as Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, a funny video recording app with filters and editing effects that borrow the idea of ??the discontinued Vine. Even though the idea sounds very millennial for your taste (we admit it really!), you may be able to rethink on the social network promotion this carnival in 2020.

Every two friends registered, recognized by the application as a complete ?Carnival Mask?, you wins R $ 5 in credits to your cell phone. Just register your own number (step-by-step summarized in the prints above), grant access from the app to your phonebook and convince your friends to join the social network. Remember that you have until midnight on saturday (15) to participate.

Download the Tik Tok for Android and iOS and enjoy.


CittaMobi application printsItineraries and bus stops near you can help you get around before and after enjoying yourself.

At CittaMobi you check the routes, points and bus times to combine the return and return during Carnival 2020. From north to south of Brazil, present in more than 300 cities, you have live access and status on your line. On their website you can check if there is coverage in your city.

Similar to Google Maps, it gives you the best route to your destination in an easy way, avoiding traffic (be it by foot, by metro, train or bus). Inside it you can even buy credit to your transport card, avoiding potential queues. To favor its line, a special tab saves clicks and searches in case you are in a rush of revelry.

CittaMobi is available for Android and iOS.

Which ones will you download immediately to enjoy this Carnival better?