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Can Apple delete movies you have purchased? Not quite …

If you've been on Twitter over the past few days, chances are that you've come across the tweet Next:

Me: Hey, Apple, three movies I bought have disappeared from my iTunes library.Apple: Oh yes, they are no longer available. Thank you for purchasing them. Here are two rents on us! Me: wait WHAT?

Tim Cook, when did that become acceptable?

Basically, the story (as initially reported, at least) is as follows: the author of the tweet, Anders Gonalves da Silva, he had three films purchased on his iTunes Store. When trying to access them, however, he came across an error message, stating that the titles were unavailable. After contacting Apple support, Anders was informed that the ?content provider? had removed the films from the Canadian iTunes Store, where he was connected, and Ma offered two free rentals to compensate.

The story, of course, broke out. What nonsense does the word "buy" mean anything else? Can a company simply withdraw a product purchased by a user without due compensation and without prior notice? In tweets Anders continued to criticize the way Apple handled the case, saying that if he buys something, he expects to have that thing forever and the proposed compensation doesn?t even cover the damage. Indeed, Anders' logic is correct, but that is not the whole story, as CNET.

In fact, very important information not reported in the tweets de Anders: just before the imbroglio, he had moved not on the street or on the city, but on the continent, leaving Australia and arriving in Canada. It is precisely the one who lives with the problem.

As the user informed, most of his purchases were normally available after changing the region on the iTunes Store. These three films (?Cars?, ?Cars 2? and ?The Grand Hotel Budapest?), however, did not follow through with the rest of the purchases and were unavailable in Canada even though the titles were normally sold in the Canadian store. Why? The very simple answer: verses.

It turns out that, in some cases, producers and distributors make different versions of films for different regions. The changes are made for a number of reasons and can be profound, involving the cutting of entire scenes, or basically imperceptible, like a scene element digitally modified in some version because it is offensive in a given culture. Most of the films purchased by Anders had the same version (and were therefore the same product) sold in both the Australian and Canadian stores; it was not the case with the three unavailable titles.

Apple generally doesn?t comment on this type of case but, noting the popularity that the tweet won, decided to pronounce himself although in a somewhat crossed way. In a statement, the company stated that downloaded movies will never be deleted from your account unless you choose to do so; if they are only in the cloud, however, it is possible that some titles may not be available for download after changing the iTunes Store region. It is possible to change this region back to the previous country to download the title in question though, and this is an addition of mine, this can be somewhat complicated in some cases, since Ma requires a form of payment or gift card from the desired country for that kind of thing.

Still, here's the reminder: download your movies purchased from the iTunes Store if you're moving from your country. And no, Apple does not delete purchases already made in your account.

via 9to5Mac