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British Airways breaks record with fastest subsonic flight between NY and London

With the help of the storm Ciara, British Airways' Boeing 747 made a trip from New York to London in just 04h56

The UK airline, British Airways, broke a record last Sunday (10). The company was able to take the fastest sub-sea transatlantic flight in the world. The Boeing 747 left New York (United States) and arrived in London in just 04 hours and 56 minutes. Usually, a trip like this takes 6h13.

The Boeing 747 still took off 17 minutes late and only managed to reach the record due to the storm Ciara, which is approaching the United Kingdom. The Ciara comes with intensity, causing winds of up to 140 kilometers per hour. More than 60 flights were canceled on Sunday and, according to the Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute, there is an ?increased risk of damage? in the country.

Storm CiaraStorm Ciara can cause winds of up to 140 kilometers per hour

Two details explain the record of British Airways. During the journey, the Boeing 747 reached a maximum speed of an incredible 1,327 km / h, relative to the ground. The wind intensity of the storm Ciara also helped in the speed, propelling the aircraft. It is worth remembering that another record had been made in January 2018. At the time, the flight was concluded in 5h13min.

?The supercharged air stream is also responsible for feeding the storm Ciara, which brought gusts of wind and huge waves to the UK, Ireland and other parts of northern Europe this weekend. The jet is a 'river of air' in rapid motion, high in the atmosphere, around the height that commercial aircraft fly

Brandon Miller, a senior meteorologist at CNN.

According to the platform Flightradar24, a website that monitors flights in real time, the Boeing 747 from British Airways he arrived at 4:43 am at Heathrow airport in London (1:43 am through Brasilia time). This means that the plane arrived two hours earlier than expected. In your Twitter account, Flightradar24 showed surprise at the record.

If we are not mistaken, BA (British Airways) has now set the record for the trip subsonic fastest between New York-London

said Flightradar24 in his official Twitter account.

Boeing 747British Airways Boeing 747

Sought, the British Airways commented that he is always prioritizing safety in the face of speed records. The airline's pilots – highly trained – did their utmost to ensure that Boeing 747 passengers arrived in London ahead of time, the company added.

According to CNN, although British Airways flight speed in relation to the ground exceeded the speed of sound in the air (1,224 km / h), the aircraft did not break the sound barrier, as it was being pushed by the air around it. The sound barrier would be broken only if the aircraft was faster than the speed of sound in the air around it.

Sources: BBC; CNN.

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