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Apple Pay continues to grow by leaps and bounds, but only 16% of iPhone users use the system, research reveals

O Apple Pay it is an unquestionable success, as Ma makes a point of scoring in almost all its keynotes and financial results conferences. What Cupertino people avoid disclosing (or incomplete disclosure) are concrete numbers most of the time, we just hear that the platform has grown I don't know how many percent or is being adopted by "x" times more business.

Now, this research by Loup Ventures can name the oxen or, more precisely, show real numbers the success of Apple Pay and, at the same time, demonstrate something that, I believe, many people suspected: even growing rapidly, there is still a huge space for the payment system to become a lot, much bigger.

According to the firm, there are now in the world 127 million Apple Pay users, a spectacular jump considering the 62 million fans of the platform in the same period last year. In addition, the number of banks supporting the system grew 41% in the period, from 1,922 to 2,707 institutions and, among the 100 largest online retailers, growth was also impressive, albeit with a not very large base: 85% between mobile sites (now there are only 24 of them), 56% on desktop sites (already 14) and 9% in apps (24, currently).

Loup Ventures survey on Apple Pay

The numbers are exciting, but one thing to consider: these 127 million Apple Pay users represent only 16% of the base of iPhones in the world today. Although the percentage refers to all active Ma smartphones (and an older portion of them do not support the system), it is possible to deduce that the platform still has a huge space for growth.

Loup Ventures says the Apple Pay adoption rate is much slower in the United States than in European and Asian countries, where the use of contactless payment systems was widespread before the arrival of the Ma platform; that is, consumers were already used to these alternative methods of transaction and, therefore, it was a more natural process to transport it to their smartphones.

It should also be borne in mind that the availability of Apple Pay is still limited to a handful of countries and the system will only reach its maximum popularity when it reaches a reasonable number of territories. Brazil, I'm looking for you.

via iClarified