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Apple Pay Cash interface begins to appear for users in Ireland and Spain, indicating possible international expansion of the feature

While we Brazilians are eagerly awaiting the (apparently) imminent arrival of Apple Pay to national lands, folks on the other side of the Atlantic are beginning to see indications that a feature of the platform is finally preparing to expand internationally.

I speak, of course, of Apple Pay Cash, the system that allows sending money between users of the platform with credit or debit cards, including within the iMessage application. Users Spain and the Ireland noticed the feature interface appear, seemingly randomly, on their iPhones over the past few days and, of course, they ran to Twitter to record their findings:

Apple Pay Cash is already being tested in Spain. It appears that the launch will occur shortly.

I think Apple Pay Cash could reach Ireland soon! I saw this when I was texting someone today, and it stayed for all the messages!

For now, only the feature's interface is showing up for some users; when trying to configure the functionality, an error message appears on the screen. Still, it is a good indication that Apple is working to finally expand Apple Pay Cash beyond its borders as is well known, the United States' exclusive feature since it was launched last December.

Among Brazilians, this same interface has appeared for some people for months due to a bug that makes it remain in the system even when the person changes the region of the iPhone from the USA back to Brazil. It remains to be seen, now, if it comes with Apple Pay as a whole when the system arrives here. It would be very interesting, but I feel like I may be asking too much. Surprise me, Apple!

via 9to5Mac