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App Store now allows up to ten screenshots per device on application pages

Apple has just announced a small change in App Store which can please developers, especially those with more complex applications or who ask for more visual explanations about how it works.

From now on, it will be possible to show up to ten screenshots per device type (iPhone, iPad, etc.) on the pages of apps today, that number was limited to five images.

Prvia from the App Store - MacMagazine

The change applies to iOS, tvOS and watchOS apps, but at least for now the abandoned one Mac App Store was not contemplated with the novelty, maintaining the limit of five screenshots per app. The video limit per application (three) remains unchanged, as well as the amount of content visible on the store's search page (three screenshots in portrait mode or one in landscape mode).

Certainly the App Store lacks deeper news (like a more robust demos system, requested by developers for years); in any case, the change is always welcome so that professionals can transmit the idea behind their creations with more freedom or flexibility. Did you like it?