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2019 iPhones could look like this

We?ve already seen some distant rumors about the 2019 iPhones, the last of which said it shouldn?t come with a TrueDepth rear camera. Even last year, there was talk of bigger batteries as well.

Which is practically certain that the leap that Apple will make in next year's models will be much greater than it did this year. Generations ?S? already bring specific improvements, but the iPhones XS / XS Max, in particular, came with even less news than expected as a general consensus, that is.

Today, however, Ben Geskin which has proven to have very good sources published the surrender above, implying that this will be the 2019 line of iPhones. The current sizes (5.8 ? and 6.5 ?) will obviously be kept, but the detail is there at the top: a cutout (notch) much smaller, with the speaker moved upwards, right in the frame of the device.

Obviously, none of this is official yet and there is no way to get more information out of the image. Geskin must have already started to hear one or the other detail about the next generation and, from there, built a surrender than we can expect. As we still have practically a whole year to go, a lot can change until then.

But, yes: expect great news on the line in 2019, even more after a modest update this year. And considering that many of you are calling for an end to the notch, at least this smaller version should already please a little.