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1Password now allows you to check if your passwords have already been leaked in security breaches

O 1Password already one of the most complete password managers in the world as our own comparison has shown, but that doesn?t mean that AgileBits, your developer, is not often looking for new ways to make the service even more advanced and attractive for your (and potential new) customers. Proof of this is the integration announced today by the company.

Just yesterday, digital security expert Troy Hunt launched a service called Pwned Passwords V2, a kind of online database with a list including more than 500 million user passwords leaked on the internet in security breaches. The service is not accessible to the public; instead, developers can integrate it into their products and that is exactly what AgileBits did.

The company quickly built a proof of concept that integrates Pwned Passwords directly into the password field of 1Password; the experiment worked so well that it immediately went live to all users on the web version of the service. To enjoy it, simply access your account through a browser, open your password safe and simultaneously press the C keys.

The video below demonstrates the feature more simply, but basically a new button in the password field called "Check Password" (?Check Password?) shows if the code in question has already been in a series of leaks or something. If so, just change to a new password with just one click and breathe easily.

It is good to remember that the functionality does not share your password with Pwned Passwords, the 1Password itself acts as an intermediary to check the database and that it is not necessarily the password of your account that was leaked to the public in case the resource returns with a positive result; it could be that simply a password identical to yours used by someone else in the world has been exposed. In any case, change your code immediately.

For now, the feature is only available in the online version of 1Password, but the service's applications are expected to gain support soon, according to AgileBits. Cool, huh?

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via TechCrunch