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15 years after debut: Fujitsu installs Self-Checkout systems in 1,000 supermarkets

There are more and more automatic payment systems at supermarket checkout counters, the so-called Self-Checkout, in which customers themselves go shopping at the machine and pay without the intervention of employees of the establishments. Fujitsu is a leader in the supply of these systems, claiming to hold 70% market share in Self-Checkout solutions in the food area.

The information disclosed in connection with the placement of the N 1,000 unit of a Fujitsu system in the Continente Modelo Peniche supermarket. This successful history demonstrates Fujitsu's technological leadership, which understands the retail environment and the need that its customers have for reliability, agility and flexibility, highlights in the statement.

tek fujitsu self-checkout

The manufacturer stresses the need to create solutions to reduce queues, present targeted offers, train its employees and streamline payments with maximum fraud reduction. The installation of the 1000 Self-Checkout unit in Portugal demonstrates the potential that Fujitsu technology brings to create a better relationship with customers on commercial surfaces, while ensuring an improvement in the overall purchasing experience by consumers ", says Carlos Barros , general director of Fujitsu Portugal.

It should be remembered that the first Self-Checkout machines installed in Continente supermarkets were in 2005 in Gaia and Antas. At the time, Paulo Magalhes, Sonae's manager, said that "following this experience and after some criteria to be analyzed by the company, the proposal will extend to other spaces in the food chain". And 15 years later it celebrates its thousandth system. At the time, the company estimated to recover the investment in technology between 9 to 12 months, through the reduction of waiting lines, saving space and improving customer service.

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