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Vestibin√°rio is an app to keep track of the vestibular dates from all over Brazil

Beginning of the year can mean two things for those who are trying to get a position at a public university or scholarship in a particular one: a (new) opportunity to try the entrance exam or the dissemination of the results of those who actually got a job (or not).

In all cases, there is a complete apprehension about deadlines. Not to mention that, normally, those who take entrance exams attend more than one college at the same time and can get lost with so many exam dates, results and other things.

Unlike the times when it was difficult to access the internet regularly (my time at the university entrance exam), nowadays you can easily access any type of information with one touch, by a smartphone that is connected 24 hours.

So, if you are in that moment so tense (and intense) of life, know the application Vestibule, which aims to make life easier for university students from all over Brazil.

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Created by PUC-Rio Computer Science student Lucas Frazo and his friend Raphael, this app is quite simple, but it has a very noble proposal: offering, on one platform, information about the main entrance exams in the country.

It is certain that it is easy to get information about entrance exams on the internet, without the need for an app, but with the short time that a candidate has, the task of accessing several different websites to know about dates and deadlines already takes the time that could be. , for example, studying further.

This is exactly why the app's simplicity ends up being an asset; at those times, who needs super-elaborate apps that end up confusing the user? In this application, you already see on the home page the names of the main entrance exams in the form of cards. Touching them, a timeline appears with all the important dates for the year and that have already been stipulated by the institution. You can also see more information about the exam or institution and see the courses available in each one.

The app also sends you notifications to remind you of upcoming dates or events, so you don't miss a thing. In addition, there is a special tab for valuable tips for you to be well prepared for your exam time.

Vestibulrio is still in the constant process of improvement, with developers working hard to improve the user experience. Still, it is already valid to have it on your device and keep track of the exam dates and not miss a deadline! You can download it for free from the App Store.

And I wish you luck or, better, good studies! ?