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There are more signs of the arrival of video (and audio!) Calls to Instagram; Direct gains replay control

A month ago, we share here the first indications of a possible new feature of Instagram that made many of us confused: video calls. Now, icons discovered in the application code indicate that the tool is not only arriving, but also comes with voice calls. Yes, strange considering the nature of the social network, but let's pretend that everything is under control.

It was developer Ishan Agarwal who dug up the cones of a beta version of Instagram for Android and shared the discovery with TechCrunch. Here we have three types of graphics, two for traditional calls and one for video calls, as you can see below:

audio and video call icons on Instagram

Then, developer Guilherme Rambo shared with 9to5Mac It is a discovery indicating that the resources (at least the video call) will also arrive on iOS, which is to be expected, but, well, it is always healthy to have a confirmation.

Instagram video calls will also come to iOS (but clearly are not yet ready).

It remains to be seen now, of course, when the resource will be released to users by the visa, we will still have to wait a few months until we see the tool in full operation for everyone. Anyway who saw you, who saw you, huh Urges?

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Speaking of features that are already among us, Instagram recently announced a cool new feature for fans of Direct, your instant messaging system. From now on, users will be able to choose exactly the behavior of the photos and videos they send within the messenger, having control over the amount of views that the recipient of the content can access.

Replay options on Instagram's Direct

When capturing a photo or video on Direct, Instagram now presents three options to the user before the content is sent: unique view (so that the recipient sees the message only once and it?s gone forever), allow repetition (so that the content is available for a few minutes to replays) or keep on chatting (which makes the content available indefinitely).

Previously, only the second option was available, which caused concern in some users that their messages more, say, private could be captured by the person on the other side. Now, it is possible to have (almost) total control over what happens to the photos and videos once they leave your device; Instagram believes that the tool will encourage the use of Direct by more people.

The control of replays in Direct is now available to all users of the network.

via Cult of Mac