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Start a new week with “fresh” apps? Meet some free proposals for Android and iOS

It is not new that SAPO TEK makes known every week proposals for applications to download to your smartphone or tablet. Today, and also as usual, we have put together the apps that we have tried throughout the week for iOS and Android.

Pokmon Home, one that wants to be the home of all generations of collectible creatures, has arrived on iOS and Android systems. But, in the area of ??games, SAPO TEKtraz still apps that challenge you to build an amusement park on your smartphone and "swallow" everything you find along the way to grow. After the World Health Organization has already considered it a global public health emergency, the coronavirus is the theme of this week's last game.

For those who prefer to bet on photographs, SAPO TEK presented Glitch Lab as a proposal, which is inspired by the art that explores the "errors" of digital or analogue cameras. The results can be quite artistic and irreverent.

Know all the apps in detail.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch's challenge to build an amusement park on the smartphone

Build more than 250 thematic diversions, from roller coasters, to giant wheels, towers and other attractions to keep visitors happy and spend money.

The RollerCoaster Tycoon series is one of the oldest and most emblematic in the genre of thematic simulators, focused as the name implies on roller coasters. But more than that, it's all about the ability to manage a business around an amusement park, with hundreds of attractions to keep visitors happy and entertained, and of course, to spend money on activities: carousels, towers, wheels giants, in addition to restaurants, souvenir shops, toys, for a total of 250 offers.

All of this is available in the portable Touch version, very close to the PC and consoles, including the three-dimensional visuals that give color and animation to small amusement parks. The game has an interface adapted to the small screen, using touches to access the menus in a less confusing way.

The game features daily missions, weekly challenges, offering rewards to players to continue to improve their business. For players who want to create unique roller coasters, the game offers simple tools, and you can change its functionality at any time through the editor with a simple slide of your finger.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch can be accessed for free on iOS and Android versions.

The "mistakes" of the camera can also be artistic and there is an app that proves it.

It is called Glitch Lab and is inspired by the art that explores the "mistakes" of digital or analogue cameras.

Taking a good photo to share on Instagram or Facebook is already within reach of anyone with a smartphone. However, if you want to bet on something more artistic and with the effects of art that exploits the error of the analogue or digital machine, the Glitch Lab app can be an option.

With more than 100 effects, the application allows you to explore various resources, from color edits, from 3D to filters. You can, for example, make your photography style more retro with various effects, or, and this option is more irreverent, put an HTML code in the image. If you prefer, you can also animate a video, but, for that, you will have to activate this option from the app's settings.

As for other choices, you can import an image or video from your smartphone or take a photo directly from the application. Start from scratch, without any photography, and venture into the app another possibility. Once you have finished your work you can save the content on your phone.

The application is free and available for Android and iOS. Still, you always have the possibility to choose the premium version that offers you more editing features.

Pokmon Home: the home for all generations of little monsters has arrived on Android and iOS systems

According to The Pokmon Company, all Pokmon deposited at Home will be listed on the National Pokdex, including their Gigantamax forms and other developments.

Pokmon Home, the one that wants to be home to all generations of collectible creatures, has already arrived on iOS and Android systems, in addition to Nintendo Switch. The service allows you to store all virtual monsters in boxes in the Cloud so that they can be used in compatible games like Pokmon Sword, Pokmon Shield, Pokmon: Lets Go, Pikachu! EPokmon: Lets Go, Eevee !. To celebrate its launch, Pokmon Banke oPok Transportervo will be made available free of charge for one month.

Among the features available on the different platforms, The Pokmon Company indicates that all Pokmon deposited at Home will now be listed on the National Pokdex, including its Gigantamax forms and other developments. In the Android and iOS application, users will be able to receive Mystery Gifts, exchange Pokmon, find information about events, and check the creatures' power level. There are differences between the features present in the versions for mobile and for the Switch, which you can check in the table below.

Differences between the mobile and Switch versions of Pokmon Home

The mobile application is available for Android, on the Play Store, and for iOS, on the App Store. With regard to prices in the application for Android and iOS, after the first month free of the Premium plan, the monthly cost of the service changes to 3.49 euros, the quarter to 5.49 euros and the annual plan changes to 17 , 99 euros.

The basic version of Pokmon Home presents some conditions in comparison to the Premium. For example, at first you can only save 30 Pokmon. In the second, the number increases to 6,000. If it is an extreme hunt for virtual monsters and you really want to catch them all, the basic version may not be so suitable for your adventures.

In this game there is a hole and you want to devour everything along the way

an idea like any other to play on a smartphone or tablet and if you have an open mind you will definitely have a look at Hole.Io. Or just be curious

At the goal is to swallow whatever you find along the way to grow. You have to start with the smallest elements and then continue to eat always, while gaining size.

In the different scenarios presented, everything is edible, from people to buildings, passing through plants, poles or rubbish bins and including opposing black holes. You have to have a mouth for that or, rather, a hole.

You can choose to play in three modes: Classic, where the objective is to finish the race ranked first against the various opponents, Solo Run, which, as the name implies, is a fight against time alone, and Battle in which you have to be the only one surviving black hole. is free and available from both the Play Store and the App Store, respectively for Android and iOS devices.

Plague Inc: Cure or propagate the Coronavirus?

The video game was catapulted to the top sellers in the face of the growth of the deadly virus.

There are games that stimulate zombie apocalypses, worlds destroyed by nuclear bombs, and of course, deadly virus pandemics, as in the case of the video game Plague Inc. launched in 2012. This is benefiting from all the news related to the news about the Coronavirus, with substantial increase in your sales. And it is not the first time that the game has been catapulted to the tops, since the same thing happened with the ball spurt.

But it is believed that in this game it embodies a group of scientists before a simulator with the objective of finding a cure for the viruses, exactly the opposite. To win, even having to cause a pandemic on a world scale. Do you remember 12 Monkeys? The producer says that the game is a bit like Contgio, but on the other side of the barricade.

Thus, the player controls the plague that infects the so-called patient-zero. Then you can choose different pathogens to complete the objectives of evolving the virus and adapting to different environments. In addition to the goal of infecting the world population, you can also enslave people with the Neurax Worm or turn them into zombies with the Necroa Virus.

On the other side of the equation, scientists, the "enemies", are developing a cure for contamination. a race against time for both sides.

You can download the game for free on Android and iOS versions.