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Rainbow Six Siege gets trailer with announcement of new characters, Lana and Oryx

Rainbow Six Siege gets trailer with announcement of new characters, Lana and Oryx

During the annual Six Invitational 2020 tournament, Ubisoft revealed the latest news for the Rainbow Six Siege game. It was announced the new season of the game and in it we will have two new characters, Lana and Oryx, where one focused on attacking and the other focused on defending.

Lana, the hologram specialist

Lana. Source: UbisoftLana. Source: Ubisoft

Lana, a character focused on attacking, has the power to create a holographic image of herself, which she commands through her Gemini Replicator. After generating the hologram, she can control it, move and play sounds as she would. The bad part is that, like a hologram … It is not possible to shoot or use any other type of technique to shake the enemy.

Oryx, the solution was crude

Oryx. Source: UbisoftOryx. Source: Ubisoft

J Oryx, focused on defending, a highly trained character and does not use any type of gadget to carry out his attacks. His Remah Dash attack allows him to cross through various barriers, efficiently traversing the scene. This ability can also be used to knock down enemies or break walls that at first would be unbreakable (although the character loses some health).

Operation Void Edge has the redone map of Oregon, which has been redesigned recently. It is possible to notice changes such as the expansion with the area of ??the basement, sto and office tower.

Rainbow Six Siege one of the most played FPS games in the world and has a high competitiveness in its midst. The environment in which it occurs most often occurs inside homes and even inside an aircraft. The game has three starting modes, the bomb mode, the protect area and hostage.

The test server is already available today (17), allowing players to test the features that will come to the game on the PC.

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