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Premiere app is now available for Apple TVs!

I have good and bad news for lovers of soccer. Ready?

The good news is that the app Premiere finally it is available for Apple TVs more precisely, for the set-top box fourth generation and 4K, models that run tvOS.

Premiere app icon

Now, even if the TV is not equipped with your TV operator's device, you can simply download the app to watch your team's games. The great news is also for those moments when you are at the home of a friend or relative who is not a subscriber (but you have an Apple TV), since you can simply download the app, log in and watch everything in good time.

The login process is relatively simple: open the app on Apple TV to view the activation code. Then, either on your iOS device or on your computer, go to the page and, in the menu, go to Device Activation Settings. Enter the code and you're done!

In the app itself, we have three tabs: ?Live? (the games that are currently playing), ?Games? (the complete list of closed and future games) and ?Profile? (active account information) which matters even, of course, the ?Live?.

The bad part is that you still need to have a pay TV (NET, SKY, Vivo TV, Claro HDTV, Oi TV, etc.). That is, you cannot download the app and subscribe to Premiere separately; It is also not possible to buy just a certain game through the app. Everything still needs to be done directly with the operator.

Maybe Globosat's people will get a little inspired by HBO, which now offers the HBO GO service in Brazil (independent subscription, not related to TV plans).

Still, it is good to see yet another great national service landing on Apple TVs. Let more come! ?????

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

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