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Plague Inc: Cure or propagate Coronavirus?

There are games that stimulate zombie apocalypses, worlds destroyed by nuclear bombs, and of course, deadly virus pandemics, as in the case of the video game Plague Inc. launched in 2012. This is benefiting from all the news related to the news about the Coronavirus, with substantial increase in your sales. And it is not the first time that the game has been catapulted to the tops, since the same thing happened with the ball spurt.

But it is believed that in this game it embodies a group of scientists before a simulator with the objective of finding a cure for the viruses, exactly the opposite. To win, even having to cause a pandemic on a world scale. Do you remember 12 Monkeys? The producer says that the game is a bit like Contgio, but on the other side of the barricade.

Thus, the player controls the plague that infects the so-called patient-zero. Then you can choose different pathogens to complete the objectives of evolving the virus and adapting to different environments. In addition to the goal of infecting the world population, you can also enslave people with the Neurax Worm or turn them into zombies with the Necroa Virus.

On the other side of the equation, scientists, the "enemies", are developing a cure for contamination. a race against time for both sides.

You can download the game for free on Android and iOS versions.