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Pebble gains support for SMS and iMessages notifications, but will not arrive in time for Christmas

O Pebble, smart watch that connects to iGadgets via Bluetooth, it was supposed to be sent to its 68,929 buyers in September, but production delays indicated that it would take a little longer to leave the factories.

All Pebble Colors

Click on the image to see a Pebble gallery.

In yet another update on the project, the team responsible for smartwatch showed its different final colors: orange, gray, red, black and white. Those who purchased the colored Pebbles now need to access to finalize their choice.

Support for SMS and iMessages receipt notifications has also been confirmed. When receiving a message through one of the two services, it will be possible to view it in full, without even taking the cell phone out of your pocket. However, this function will only work if your device is running iOS 6.

Check out a demo video:

Still with no launch date, many users are already frustrated with the delay of the smartwatch. Accumulating another month late, Pebble will not arrive in time for Christmas.

The Pebble channel on Vimeo is full of videos from the manufacturing processes and device tests, in case you are interested in knowing how the project is going.