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IDC: Samsung and Apple led the market for “smart devices” in Q3 2012

Apple and Samsung continue to prove that they are the biggest in the technology industry. A survey by International Data Corporation (IDC), which analyzed the market for smart devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones) during the third quarter of 2012, showed that the two companies are well ahead of their competitors.

With 21.8% of market share in the segment, Samsung ranked first. Apple is right behind, with 15.1% of the market in its hands. In the same period last year, the difference between the two companies was only 0.1 percentage point, but the South Korean's rapid growth has created a big advantage over Ma.

IDC - Q3 Smart Devices 2012

This advantage can be partially explained by the ASP (acronym in English for ?average selling price?) from Samsung, which is US $ 310 less than Apple's; as we are, it focuses on products premium and ends up serving all markets.

Lenovo (7%), HP (4.6%) and Sony (3.6%) also appeared on the list. In total, 303.6 million smart devices were shipped during the third quarter of 2012, which represented a growth of 27.1% year on year for the segment.

IDC - Smart devices in 2016

In expansion, the forecast is that this market will grow 76.5% in just four years. In 2016, about 2.1 billion PCs, tablets and smartphones are expected to be shipped, with smart phones representing more than half of that number.

(via TNW)