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Google News may pay the media for the news they produce

Google may pay the media for the content they produce. Apparently, the creation of a news subscription service could be in the plans of the Mountain View giant. According to statements by internal sources to The Wall Street Journal, Google has already entered into negotiations with some European media, mostly French.

We want to help the public to find quality journalism, as this is important for the creation of an informed democracy and a sustainable news system, says Google in an international press release.

We are deeply concerned with this issue and are already in discussions with possible partners. The company adds that it is also looking for ways to take the work it already does with the media further, based on programs like the Google News Initiative.

The execution of licensing agreements could be a decisive moment for the news media. It is true that Google manages to generate large amounts of traffic for the websites of the communication agencies, however, the company never paid directly for the content present on its news platform.

It is recalled that, in October 2019, Facebook announced its plans to launch a tab completely dedicated to news on its platform. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that it was willing to pay about $ 3 million a year to each medium participating in the project.