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For Jean-Louis Gassée, Apple will continue to invest in the current Apple TV and will * not * launch a TV

The words of Tim Cook (Apple CEO) during the exclusive interview for the network NBC they're really giving us something to talk about. Refreshing the memory: when asked about Apple's future plans, Cook said: ?When I come into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone back in time, some 20, 30 years. an area of ??great interest. I can't say more than that. ?

If the rumors about a possible Apple television were already great, now Jean But Louis Gasse, former head of product development at Apple and now a partner at Allegis Capital, decided to give his opinion on the matter.

Unlike many, he * doesn't * believe in a Ma TV. For him, Cook's words are the same as before. The only change the living room has gone from "hobby" for an area of ???great interest?. And s. He agrees with Cook and shows some examples of how TV is something 20, 30 years ago: it is not yet possible to consume content la carte, search the programming grid, we cannot buy our own set-top box we have to rent from content providers (NET, SKY, GVT, etc.), among other things.

Apple TV with apps

Gasse's solution is simple and speculated for a long time, even for him: apps. Want to see a particular show, series, channel? Just download / buy an app. There is technology and bandwidth for this, no doubt. So, what would be the problem? Control! With a store of apps for TVs, Apple would cut out possible intermediaries, just as it did in the App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore, which is the nightmare of some companies that rely on the traditional model and still in force.

Another point that catches Gasse:

To realize the dream, as discussed earlier, you need to put a computer something like an Apple TV module inside the set (TV). Eighteen months later, as Moore's Law says, the computer is obsolete, but the screen is fine. No problem, you will say, just make a removable module for your computer, easily replaced with a new one, more revenue for Apple and you are back to the arrangement of the set-top box separate today. Like him, you can spread boxes to all HDTVs and not just the hypothetical set of the Apple brand.

He reinforces that, if the stars help and a bright light falls on the current content holders, the TV of the future will be the Apple TV of today with more power and resources; a black box that can be attached to any HDTV.

Gasse thinks Cook is "playing for the crowd", who knows, even making noise to provoke competition (Google and Microsoft). Or, then, making it clear that the problems exist, that they have not been solved and that Apple will continue to research, looking for ("an area of ??great interest") the best way to solve these equations.

The truth that, today, Apple TV represents less than 0.5% of the company's revenue. For him, the set-top box from Ma does not exist to generate profit, but to play a role similar to that of the iTunes Store: solidify the ecosystem so that products such as iPods touch, iPads and iPhones and Macs sell more and more.

Gasse does not think that overnight Apple will launch a TV capable of generating, in one year, US $ 50 billion (20% of the company's revenue in 2014), as believed by analyst Gene Munster, staunch supporter of the idea of ??a Apple TV a long time ago. He thinks Apple TV's way of launching an App Store, with sales increasing little by little. Over time, the refinements of the ecosystem and some more improvements, a content provider is going to embark on this with Apple and, the game changes.

And a, agree? I completely agree!

(via The Loop)