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Coronavirus makes another “drop”: Facebook cancels event Global Marketing Summit 2020

After dictating the cancellation of this year's edition of this year's Mobile World Congress, the Coronavrus is again responsible for another "casualty". This time, Facebook will no longer hold the Global Marketing Summit 2020 in the next month of March, in So Francisco, due to the health risks that the virus may have and which has caused more and more deaths.

at this event, organized every year by the Facebook marketing team, and which would have about four thousand people, that the social network makes known its main products, the latest market trends and new growth opportunities. But, as Reuters announced at the weekend, the social network decided to change its mind about its completion, scheduled for March 9-12. "We canceled our global marketing conference due to the increased risks to the public health of the coronavirus", guaranteed Facebook quoted by the agency.

The virus, whose outbreak began in 2019 in Hubei province, is also impacting the company's supply chain for virtual reality (VR) hardware, which depends heavily on the Asian continent. Cited by Bussiness Insider, a spokesman for the social network said that Oculus Quest, its latest VR headset "is running out in some regions due to high demand".

The company representative for Mark Zuckerberg does not therefore deny the additional impact on the production of hardware due to the coronavirus. But there is also a guarantee that Facebook is taking "concerns to ensure the safety of employees, partners and customers".

According to Lusa, the Health Commission of China said that the number of infected by Covid-19 amounted to 70,548. Among the new cases, 1,933 are from Hubei province, the center of the outbreak.

After already dictating several cancellations of events around the world, last week, and after several dropouts from companies like LG, Facebook and Nokia, the Coronavirus led the organization of the technology meeting to cancel the edition of 2020 of the MWC. At the time, the organization's CEO, John Hoffman, said that the outbreak made it impossible to hold the event and that cancellation was the safest option.

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