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Arch Linux begins the year with the Linux Kernel 5.4

The new Arch Linux ISO features the Linux Kernel 5.4, and very interesting features like Lockdown and compatibility with exFAT.

The first Arch Linux ISO launched in 2020 arrived on the first day of the year bringing the Linux Kernel 5.4 by default, and its famous software updates that make it one of, if not the most up-to-date among Linux distros.


Arch Linux is a Linux Rolling Release distribution, which means that the user installs only once, and continues to update the system forever, without the need to perform a clean installation, or a major update with each new version. .

Unlike fixed release distros, such as Ubuntu, whose current versions are 18.04 LTS and 19.10, Arch Linux does not have different versions, and each new ISO of the system available on the official website is just a more updated image of it.

The first image of Arch Linux published on the official website this year 2020, 2020.01.01, has version 5.4 of the Linux Kernel (on which we talked about in this article), which in turn brings a large number of new features such as compatibility with Microsoft's exFAT file system, as well as Lockdown, a feature that generated some controversy among the Linux community.

As it is not a distro focused on basic users, and does not have a standard graphical interface, Arch Linux is more like a compilation of several third-party software, and unlike distros like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, it does not have its own user-focused solutions. layman. For this reason, the novelties brought to each new version of the system are generally limited to the implementations made by these software individually.

In this case, the novelties of Arch Linux 2020.01.01 are all those brought by all the software present in its repository, such as the novelties of the new version of the Linux Kernel that we just mentioned. And each new ISO is not exactly a new version of Arch Linux, but just an update of the image in relation to the current state of the system.

Although Arch Linux is not focused on lay users, it does not mean that it cannot be installed by them. There are several scripts created by the community that make installing this distro much simpler, and accessible to a much larger number of people. For example Archfi, about which we have already talked here on the blog, and also Zen Installer, which is the theme of the video below.

If you want to install Arch Linux in the conventional way, without facilitating scripts, we also have a video that will guide you through this process.

Although not one of the easiest and most intuitive, Arch Linux is focused on having each user build their own system, and you will probably never find an Arch Linux installation identical to the other. For this and other reasons the system is certainly in my Top 5 of favorite distros.

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