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Apple wants to further separate Watch from iPhone

The head of design at Apple, Jony Ive, talked to The Washington Post on the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, announced during the company's special special event last week.

In the interview, Ive stated that the new watch ?represents a change in the understanding and adoption of the product? referring to the new sensor of the gadget capable of performing an electrocardiogram, and of the new accelerometer and gyroscope capable of detecting when a user has fallen.

The designer also spared no exaggeration when it came to defending the device's novelties, emphasizing that ?every bone in my body tells me that this is very significant?.

Still according to Ive, although previous Apple Watch models were interpreted as an accessory for the iPhone, Apple's research and work in the area of ??health and fitness has established this device as an important and distinctive product line.

In that sense, he said that the Cupertino giant is focused on separating the Apple Watch from the iPhone in the future, with a focus on increasing cellular connectivity. Currently, the GPS + Cellular model of gadget wearable does not require the iPhone for some tasks such as calls, messages and streaming of music from Apple Music even though the iPhone itself needs to be turned on for some things to work.

The clues to the future [from Apple Watch] are when you can have a high degree of confidence that you are personally connected to the internet on your phone, you.

Ive also admitted that he became "zealous" with the Apple Watch, partly thanks to the thousands of letters sent to the company in which people described how the device saved their lives. These stories are increasingly common and even the CEO of Apple has already commented on the fame of "lifeguards" of the watch.

For the magazine Wallpaper *, Ive said that the company's goal for the Apple Watch was to develop and evolve it ?as dramatically as possible?. The main visual difference of the new device with respect to the generation before the display area is up to 35% larger, possible from the integration of the chassis to the display and the eradication of the empty structure around the edge of the screen now, the watch has 40mm versions and 44mm, instead of 38mm and 42mm.

When you see each series of watches in isolation, you cannot understand how different they are. But when you look at them side by side, the change is extremely dramatic.

Ive's full interview is available on the The Washington Post.

via MacRumors