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Apple needs to sell cheaper version of HomePod if it wants to grow in the segment

No one knows exactly how the HomePod in terms of commercial performance. Apple does not disclose concrete sales figures and the reports of the analysis firms are not definitive, some of them paint a more optimistic scenario, while others show a very uncomfortable situation for Ma.

Now, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) came up with a new survey (PDF) that shows an (almost) indisputable fact: if Tim Cook and his gang want to grow more in the competitive market for smart speakers, I will have to seriously think about selling a cheaper version of the device.

According to the firm's report, Apple's market share in the segment remains the same as disclosed a little over a month ago, at around 6%. Doing the math, CIRP estimates that only 2% of Apple customers worldwide have a HomePod, which sounds like a very low index for a product that may represent the epicenter of the company's intentions in the home gadget universe.

CIRP data on Amazon Echo, Google Home and smart speakersTypes of set-top box most purchased by Apple customers

In fact, many more Ma customers have devices Amazon Echo or Google Home than HomePods, which is even worse news for Apple.

Speaking of Amazon and Google, companies have increased their market share among smart speakers and, more than that, they are seeing the number of consumers who have more than one device at home growing more and more options cockroaches are prone to this type of phenomenon and, according to CIRP analyst Josh Lowitz, a path that needs to be considered by Apple if it wants to compete more forcefully with its competitors.

As an example for this strategy, Lowitz takes the case of Ma's other domestic device. 20% of buyers of Cupertino products have an Apple TV, which is a much higher index than that presented by HomePod precisely because Apple offers models of the black box with Prices more or less in line with those of the clear competition, taking much cheaper devices out of the equation, like the Chromecast.

CIRP data on Apple TV and other set-top boxesPercentage of Amazon Echo and Google Home device owners with more than one device

The recipe, therefore, is on the table. It remains to be seen whether Apple will follow it or whether it will continue to insist on the idea of ??a product (theoretically) superior and far more expensive than the competition.

via Apple World Today